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The Big Egg Hunt is ON!

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

INV_bluebutterfly_textSpring is here! Flowers will be blooming! Butterflies will soon follow!

Have you heard about the Big Egg Hunt in NYC? Fabergé is sponsoring the hunt that will benefit both NYC school children through Studio in a School and international conservation efforts with Elephant Family, an organization aimed at protecting the endangered Asian elephant and its habitat. The highest bid for a particular egg, when writing this blog, is $11,000. This benefit is sure to be a success, even if you don’t tally in the fun.

The egg hunt started April 1st and you’ll have until the 25th to find all 250 eggs around the five boroughs. The really neat thing about this egg hunt is that there are apps to download so you can search for the eggs using your smartphone. Genius. This ensures kids and adults stay engaged in the game.

They did this same7 hunt last year in London and it was such a success, they brought it to NYC.

Check out some of the photos of these eggs; they are incredible. I haven’t seen more than a dozen, but this one to the left is my favorite so far.

So if you live in NYC or even close, I think this is worth a visit to the big city.

We are getting ready for spring here at Letters from Lilly and think that our butterfly design is great for graduation parties, birthdays, engagement parties or any other spring gathering for that matter. See all our designs at Letters from Lilly.

Growing Hospitality

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

NOTE_pineapple_textThere is all kinds of history associated with the ever popular pineapple. When I first think of pineapples, a sugary drink comes to mind, as even the freshest pineapple is full of sugar. Next, pineapples bring to mind a symbol to welcome visiting guests, displayed just outside someone’s door. My third thought of pineapples would have to be the friendly image repeated on luscious fabric covering an antique chair. Dead last, I would imagine a pineapple like the one below.


This is the largest, most grand pineapple known. It is from  18th c. Britain – the Earl of Dunmore’s fanciful 1761 garden pavilion. I came across a fun blog with this information while researching information on pineapples. Anyone interested in history, reading, writing and old stuff might find it interesting. You can find the blog here.

If you want to grow your own pineapples inside, check out this video for step by step instructions.

You can order any Letters from Lilly stationery products with the pineapple and personalize it too. Stationery that is personalized makes a nice gift for someone moving into a new home. If you are moving into a new home yourself, consider using this design to notify family and friends of your new contact information.

School’s Out for Summer!

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

inv_icecreamcone_textTomorrow is the last full day of school here. It’s also the first day of final exams, which stretch themselves unpleasantly through Tuesday, but we’re talking about summer here.

Summer means lazy days of ice cream and friends. I love this photo of the ice cream truck. I think about the evenings our ice cream truck used to pass through the neighborhood. It wasn’t often, but when it did, you ran for it.

Making your own ice cream is even more fun that chasing down the ice cream truck. Here’s an old recipe from my great-grandmother from Kentucky.

3 in 1 Sherbet by Mrs. William B. Loughridge

1 cup orange juice

1/2 cup lemon juice

1 cup mashed ripe banana pulp

2 cups sugar

2 cups water

1/4 teaspoon salt

2 egg whites beaten

Boil sugar and water 2 minutes. Cool. Add fruit juices, banana pulp and salt. Pour into sterilized freezer and crank a bit, then add egg whites and crank until stiff.

If desired this sherbet can be frozen in *refrigerator, adding whites of eggs when mixture begins to freeze. Remove tray at least 4 times during freezing process and beat mixture thoroughly. It just isn’t as good as freezing in a “crank” type freezer.

Try my great-grandmother’s recipe or try our stationery with the ice cream cone design. Either one will bring smiles during your summer!

*These words are from my great-grandmother so I’m guessing her term of refrigerator is really what you and I would refer to as our freezer.

Lavender Weddings and Things to Come

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

The lavender flower is a symbol of Purity, Silence, and Luck. I understand associating the purity and luck part with the coming together of two people through a wedding, but silence? Let’s just say that’s keeping quiet during the church service, that way the symbolism will work with my posting.

After yesterday, with my social media temper tantrum, I decided I needed to get back to basics. For me it means my products and designs and putting pretty things together for all of you. So I put together this inspiration board.inspirationboardbridalbouquet Each picture speaks to purity, silence and luck, especially those pearls! I love the pearls and the shoes. The dress is also beautiful to me, but I don’t have an occasion to wear it. I didn’t have the guts to wear a dress like that for my wedding.

I hope you are each inspired now and will end your week with lots of luck.

My day picked up when new art passed my desk and I am thrilled with what is coming!

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Image Sources:

Wedding dress /Stationery; Letters from Lilly / Bike / Lavender field / Wedding cake / Shoes / Cupcakes / Pearls / Gift

Tea for Two or Just You

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

inv_teapot_textThe chill of January is upon us all. Even those of us out west are feeling the drop in temperature and the days can’t get longer fast enough. The fires are burning and the tea is brewing.

Years ago, I came across the neatest teapot gift that I’d like to share with you. Blooming teas are made and sold by a little company in Georgia, Rariteas. You just have to see it to believe how beautiful these teas can be. The blossoms open when the steaming water is poured over them, into the glass teapot that comes with your teabags.

I think it’s the perfect gift for someone to show how much you care and give them a little treat to enjoy with a friend or just by themselves.

The Letters from Lilly teapot design comes with flowers too. Even though our flowers are painted and not real, like those from Rariteas, you can still send it to bring friends together.

There is a Garden Party Coming Soon

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Spring is fighting to come into the yards and gardens this year, but I am told that even you in the Midwest and note_pinktableandchairs_texteast will find sunshine and warmth someday soon.  Until that day arrives, warm yourself with thoughts of entertaining your little girl in your own magical garden.

There are some fabulous ideas out there to get your ideas flowing for making up your own special day or making a special day even more special.

Here are some of my own ideas that I have used in the

- Use small tables of four to encourage guests to get to know one another.

-Print place card names on both sides so that names are easy for everyone to read .

-Use all white linens and all pink flowers so that your floral arrangements really pop.

-Tie your teacups with pretty grosgrain ribbons with polka dots, stripes and plaids…all the same colors but different patterns.

-Put a candy surprise in the teacup.

-Print tiny cards with a “did you know” about the guest of honor. Scatter them on the tables for conversation starters. Things that makes her wonderful like “Did you know Sarah ran her first 5K this year!”

-Get pretty keepsake containers and fill them with pink, white, fuchsia jellybeans for the guests to take home.

I hope this sparks some creativity in you. Our pink table and chair design would be perfect for the occasion you and I are planning together (above). Remember to email me a photo of your tea party so I can share it with our readers.

Rock On!

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

inv_rockinghorse_textThe rocking horse has been around for centuries, dating back to the days of ancient Egypt and Greece. While the first toys with horses were crude wooden heads on a stick, they developed into fabulously elaborate horses with rich manes of hair and shining glass eyes.

Did you have a rocking horse as a child? Does your child or grandchild have one now?

The horses on a stick, that were seen hundreds of years ago, developed into horses on wheels and then runners as time passed. The runners were favored simply because they took up less space to ride. Children were even taught to ride properly, preparing for the day when they could mount a real pony or horse.

These toy horses continued to be popular until the war when their production slowed for the mere reason that there were no men to produce them. Then the depression began and resources were used elsewhere.

Look at the largest rocking horse, as of today…

Our rocking horse is chosen for baby boys announcements or baby showers. The invitation above is for an expected little boy who will soon be rocking his horse for sure! The rocking horse is available on stickers, pads, stationery notes and any of the Letters from Lilly items offered.

We have a Sensitive Relationship

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

inv_pottedorchid_textOrchids are a sensitive subject to me. I have two beautiful orchids in my home right now. They were both gifts from dear friends, as I would never dare to purchase one for myself.

One is a stellar, white orchid donning seven perfect blossoms down it’s stem. The other is a yellow and red beauty that looks as perfect as the day it was delivered to me. See it in the picture below?

Both of them were gifts during Christmas. My secret is this; I’m afraid of them. Yes, I can hardly look at them. I have to steal glances of their perfection because if I even look at them, they will die.

I have a friend in San Francisco (who will remain nameless, but you know who you are) who has given me fabulous orchids and I’d tend to them,img_3253 but not often, knowing that they like to be left on their own.  I did invest in the special food for them. I kept track of when they might need the food or a tiny bit of water. They always died. She’d come to visit and I’d have lots of pots of green leaves, no flowers. I visit her and see her lush, amazing orchids with friendly blossoms dripping down their stems.

Why can’t I make an orchid bloom again? And with this being true, why are these two still living? I think because I do nothing to them. I have never fed them. I have never watered them. I have never even touched them. I only look at them when I am walking past them and even then, I walk quickly.

This weekend I’m going to San Francisco to see this friend. She’s taking me to The San Francisco Orchid Society’s Pacific Orchid Exposition. I’m very excited. I’m going to stare at all the orchids. I’m going to take pictures and dare them to die on the spot. I’m going to try to learn something about these fragile, mysterious flowers that are so gentle and beautiful.

Do you see how the yellow and red orchid, in the photograph, has a Christmas ribbon woven though it as part of the arrangement design? If I play my cards right, it will still be alive this summer, Christmas ribbon and all because I’m afraid to touch it!

The orchid I can really look at is the one on our papers. The potted orchid is shown above on our invitation and is great for a spring occasion you are planning in the near future.

Bouncing Baby Buggy

Monday, February 8th, 2010


The history of the baby buggy goes way back 300 years. Even back then, every mother enjoyed a stroll in the sunshine with her baby, but it wasn’t always as easy as it is today.

It is said that William Kent, a garden engineer, invented the first baby buggy for the third Duke of Devonshire. It even had springs so the baby could ride in comfort while pulled by a goat!

The buggy used to be large and cumbersome. It wasn’t until a daughter complained to her father about lugging her stroller from America to England that a collapsible one was invented.

Our baby buggy is one of the original designs of Letters from Lilly and used for expected little boys and girls alike. It’s wonderful for the baby showers when you don’t know what to expect! Available on all our stationery products.

P.S. Yes, this photograph is Lilly, at 5 months.

Tea Time

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010


With the wind whipping and the snow falling (I know, I can’t see it, but it’s all we hear about from you that do), it’s the perfect time to pour a cup of tea and take a breather.

It’s tea time; anytime.

Earl Grey Tea Madeleines with Honey

There is actually ‘Afternoon Tea’ and ‘High Tea,’ both giving us the opportunity to enjoy a cup of hot tea with milk and honey.

Afternoon Tea is from 3:00 to 5:00 and High Tea is from 5:00 until 6:00 in the evening. Since High Tea has been replaced by our dinner hour, the Afternoon Tea allows just enough time to get in a bit of relaxation before the dinner hour is looming.

So light a fire, pour a cup of tea, and try some of these Earl Gray Tea Madeleines. Oh, and use your fine china. If you don’t enjoy it, who will?

The teacup design is available on all of our stationery products and is the perfect design to use when you want to have a tea party. Have fun, be a little formal,  invite some friends over for a cup of tea. You’ll be glad you did.