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Thursday, April 10th, 2014

NOTE_balletslippers_textThere is a really beautiful and special photography exhibit opening in Saratoga Springs, New York this month.

Photograph by Richard Calmes

Photography by Richard Calmes

On May 30, 2014 The National Museum of Dance will hold a reception for this exhibition. You’d be a fool not to take a look at this event as it’s free and open to the public.

We often find ourselves literally running through life. Slow down and take some time to enjoy things in your city. Many exhibits are free of charge and showcase marvelous talent. When you are too tired to dance (literally and figuratively), just stop and stroll through an exhibit like this, even if it’s online.

If you live close enough, The National Museum of Dance is located at 99 South Broadway in Saratoga Spring, NY. For more information about the Museum and its programs, visit their website or call 518-584-2225.

Our ballet slippers are always leaping from one mailbox to the next, notifying friends of birthday celebrations, other parties, or just to say hi. After all, isn’t that the best kind of mail to receive?

The Big Egg Hunt is ON!

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

INV_bluebutterfly_textSpring is here! Flowers will be blooming! Butterflies will soon follow!

Have you heard about the Big Egg Hunt in NYC? Fabergé is sponsoring the hunt that will benefit both NYC school children through Studio in a School and international conservation efforts with Elephant Family, an organization aimed at protecting the endangered Asian elephant and its habitat. The highest bid for a particular egg, when writing this blog, is $11,000. This benefit is sure to be a success, even if you don’t tally in the fun.

The egg hunt started April 1st and you’ll have until the 25th to find all 250 eggs around the five boroughs. The really neat thing about this egg hunt is that there are apps to download so you can search for the eggs using your smartphone. Genius. This ensures kids and adults stay engaged in the game.

They did this same7 hunt last year in London and it was such a success, they brought it to NYC.

Check out some of the photos of these eggs; they are incredible. I haven’t seen more than a dozen, but this one to the left is my favorite so far.

So if you live in NYC or even close, I think this is worth a visit to the big city.

We are getting ready for spring here at Letters from Lilly and think that our butterfly design is great for graduation parties, birthdays, engagement parties or any other spring gathering for that matter. See all our designs at Letters from Lilly.

School’s Out for Summer!

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

inv_icecreamcone_textTomorrow is the last full day of school here. It’s also the first day of final exams, which stretch themselves unpleasantly through Tuesday, but we’re talking about summer here.

Summer means lazy days of ice cream and friends. I love this photo of the ice cream truck. I think about the evenings our ice cream truck used to pass through the neighborhood. It wasn’t often, but when it did, you ran for it.

Making your own ice cream is even more fun that chasing down the ice cream truck. Here’s an old recipe from my great-grandmother from Kentucky.

3 in 1 Sherbet by Mrs. William B. Loughridge

1 cup orange juice

1/2 cup lemon juice

1 cup mashed ripe banana pulp

2 cups sugar

2 cups water

1/4 teaspoon salt

2 egg whites beaten

Boil sugar and water 2 minutes. Cool. Add fruit juices, banana pulp and salt. Pour into sterilized freezer and crank a bit, then add egg whites and crank until stiff.

If desired this sherbet can be frozen in *refrigerator, adding whites of eggs when mixture begins to freeze. Remove tray at least 4 times during freezing process and beat mixture thoroughly. It just isn’t as good as freezing in a “crank” type freezer.

Try my great-grandmother’s recipe or try our stationery with the ice cream cone design. Either one will bring smiles during your summer!

*These words are from my great-grandmother so I’m guessing her term of refrigerator is really what you and I would refer to as our freezer.

The Circus of Social Media

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

gf_circustentLife is a circus! I am telling you, my days have changed! When I started my business in 2005, I had a computer, a few printers, a copy machine, a fax and a desk top telephone. My days were filled with meeting with customers by phone or in person and filling orders. Life was simple.

Somewhere between 2004 and today, I have been thrown into the circus ring of social media.  At first it was fun to connect with customers and friends and have a resource to get my business out and in front of people who might not otherwise see Letters from Lilly stationery.

Today I am not feeling the fun. I made a list of all my social media responsibilities and it stopped me in my tracks. Someone might tell me to hire someone to do it for me. I like to update information myself because I do want my customers getting my impressions of the industry and my take on the images, but sweet elephants! It’s taking up a big portion of my day.

Don’t worry, your orders come first, but the constant pull to update, refresh and keep up is … tiring. I’m new to Pinterest (this is where I ask you to go check out my boards. I’m under Letters from Lilly).  I’ve made my boards and have really had fun doing it, honestly, but then I came across a site to “help you organize your Pinterest boards.” Are you kidding me?

That is for another day.

Now that I’ve updated my blog, I need to post it to Facebook. I can’t forget to post it on the Letters from Lilly page (please connect here) and my personal page too. Then I’ll have to Tweet it on Twitter (please follow me here) so that’s up to the minute with my fun.

This is truly a circus.

Flowers Feed Our Souls

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

gf_bridalbouquetLast week, I was lucky enough to see a lecture and demonstration by Shane Connolly. You might not know this floral designer unless I add the fact that he was the Artistic Director of Flowers for the Wedding of The Royal Highness the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Those 15′ maple trees lining the aisle of the Abbey were his doing. Shane shared the initial plans of blooming trees and how this idea all seemed quite perfect for a princess until the warm spring forced all trees to bloom early. By the time of the wedding, there were no blooming trees to be found. As he shared this, I imagined people on the phones, day and night, trying to solve the crisis of no blooming trees and the looming wedding. Luckily, he said knew he was working with a flexible princess and she found the img_09351green maples to be just right with or without the blossoms. After the wedding, Shane looked back and felt the blooming trees might have been too predictable and was glad with the way the day turned out.

He’s quite a quick wit,  just what you would expect from a sharp Irishman. He was on stage with two long tables, identically draped in black. He started behind one table with luscious lilacs and quickly whipped up a masterpiece of an arrangement, then snapped right over to the next table doing the same with peach blossom branches sprouting out of a tall, glass cylinder and then wrapping jasmine around the outer, bottom base. For two hours, he took what looked like dull, commonplace containers and made them magically transform, all the while encouraging us that we too could do the same at home. With every flower he touched, he taught us the meaning of each flower reminding us that “flowers feed our souls.”

Back in the day, men and women couldn’t be seen talking with one another so flowers were sent and depending on the flower, you could be delivered a message of love, despair or the symbol of true friendship. Pink roses mean perfect happiness and red roses express passion and love. Flowers were used for communication, much as writing papers are used today.

I walked away learning things that were elementary to him, but keepsake suggestions I will use myself; bunch like flowers in arrangements rather than polka dotting them within, use containers of interest, and have fun with it. Rather than forcing flowers to hang a certain way, let them fall where they may. They will be happier and you’ll end up with a more natural and beautiful display.

Above, see our bridal bouquet design on Letters from Lilly gatefold stationery, resembling the arrangement by Shane in the photograph, which is full of luscious lavenders to use for any event from birthday celebrations to weddings.

P.S. Shane got to see “the dress” before any of us!

There is a Garden Party Coming Soon

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Spring is fighting to come into the yards and gardens this year, but I am told that even you in the Midwest and note_pinktableandchairs_texteast will find sunshine and warmth someday soon.  Until that day arrives, warm yourself with thoughts of entertaining your little girl in your own magical garden.

There are some fabulous ideas out there to get your ideas flowing for making up your own special day or making a special day even more special.

Here are some of my own ideas that I have used in the

- Use small tables of four to encourage guests to get to know one another.

-Print place card names on both sides so that names are easy for everyone to read .

-Use all white linens and all pink flowers so that your floral arrangements really pop.

-Tie your teacups with pretty grosgrain ribbons with polka dots, stripes and plaids…all the same colors but different patterns.

-Put a candy surprise in the teacup.

-Print tiny cards with a “did you know” about the guest of honor. Scatter them on the tables for conversation starters. Things that makes her wonderful like “Did you know Sarah ran her first 5K this year!”

-Get pretty keepsake containers and fill them with pink, white, fuchsia jellybeans for the guests to take home.

I hope this sparks some creativity in you. Our pink table and chair design would be perfect for the occasion you and I are planning together (above). Remember to email me a photo of your tea party so I can share it with our readers.

Rock On!

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

inv_rockinghorse_textThe rocking horse has been around for centuries, dating back to the days of ancient Egypt and Greece. While the first toys with horses were crude wooden heads on a stick, they developed into fabulously elaborate horses with rich manes of hair and shining glass eyes.

Did you have a rocking horse as a child? Does your child or grandchild have one now?

The horses on a stick, that were seen hundreds of years ago, developed into horses on wheels and then runners as time passed. The runners were favored simply because they took up less space to ride. Children were even taught to ride properly, preparing for the day when they could mount a real pony or horse.

These toy horses continued to be popular until the war when their production slowed for the mere reason that there were no men to produce them. Then the depression began and resources were used elsewhere.

Look at the largest rocking horse, as of today…

Our rocking horse is chosen for baby boys announcements or baby showers. The invitation above is for an expected little boy who will soon be rocking his horse for sure! The rocking horse is available on stickers, pads, stationery notes and any of the Letters from Lilly items offered.

Feeding Puppies, One Bag at a Time

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

enc_puppies_textIt’s no secret that I love dogs. I’ve had a Labrador since I was born. First I had a black Labrador named Chester. He could hold 5 tennis balls in his mouth at once.  Then came Teddie, who was also a black Lab and lived with us from the time I was in 3rd grade almost through my college years. He would push his front paws straight out in front of him when you asked him to bow. “Bow Teddie” and down he’d go. We had a refrigerator with a freezer on the bottom and he’d sit in front of it, enjoying the heat from below. When we’d come by and open it, he’d duck just enough so that it would clear his head. We’d never have to tell him to be careful or watch out; he just knew to shrug his shoulders just enough to fit under the swing of the door.

When I got married, Rex came into our lives. Our first baby. He was yellow and lived for 14 years and 4 months. He could catch a Frisbee 60 or 70 yards. He loved Frisbees more than anything.hatteras-2003-004

Since moving to California, we have yet to try to replace Rex. We still talk about him all the time, like he’s still here with us. I could tell you more stories, but you’d think I was very strange. For sure.

Due to my love of dogs, I am blogging about the Pedigree’s “Write a Post, Help a Dog” promotion going on now. The deal is, if you blog about the promotion, they will give a 25 pound bag of dog food to a shelter. So I’ve helped get a bag of dog food to a shelter just for mentioning the promotion here. Their website also has a lot of great information about adopting pets in your area.

On that note, there is the Letters from Lilly puppies design showing 3 Labradors. I especially like the orders we get for pet birthday parties and announcements as additions to a new family. Pictured below is Rex in his favorite place after chasing Frisbees one day.

Ok, he was a little spoiled, but well loved.


Birthday Planning

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

stkr_bakeryshopIt’s that time of year again. Lilly’s birthday. It’s a big one too. She reminded me earlier in the week “You know Mom, just five days until I become a teenager.” As if I need to be reminded. She’s a gentle soul, sweet and kind and… almost a teenager (does emotional fall into that definition)?

One of my favorite traditions for her birthday used to be to go Wildflour Bakery and pick out a fancy cake that she would share with friends to celebrate her special day. Talk about customer service, we’d get the royal treatment from Sue, the owner and baker at Wildflour. She’d sit down with us like Lilly was planning her wedding, year after year.

We’d pour over bridal magazines and fancy cake catalogs and Lilly would look at every last cake until the best jumped out at her. It was usually something to do with Barbie, fairies, or a special princess.

I always liked the small gatherings of girls and boys that would help us celebrate the magical day.

Shown below is a Sleeping Beauty cake from one of Lilly’s birthdays. img_0968corr_bakeryshop_text

Tomorrow we’re making sleepover cupcakes, in addition to a cake in the shape of a heart.

It will be a special day. Every day is special, but having my little girl turn into a teenager, magically overnight, will be…emotional and dramatic. I can be as emotional and dramatic as any teenager.

The bakery design is one of our newest designs.  One of our customers wanted a design on her stationery to include with her own baked goods. Do you want a particular design? Let us know. (After I recover from tomorrow).

Let’s go to the Fair!

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

It’s the lascorr_merrygoround_textt week of the Del Mar Fair for the year.  The fair that has been happening every year since 1880. It was to be the greatest display of agriculture in California. 

Today you’ll find 80 different rides and a variety of food with over 100 booths offering all kinds of typical fair food.  It’s all sure to make your mouth water and your tummy grumble (how about a fried twinkie).

I don’t know a kid who doesn’t love the idea of the fair.  If they don’t want to bungie jump from the top of a crane, they can always enjoy an outdoor concert or take in the educational displays in the buildings surrounding the racetrack. The racetrack and the club within was established with the help of Bing Crosby. Horse racing begins when the fair wraps up later in July.

There is a fun website where you can get more information about merry go rounds, carousels and their history: is complete with music to feel like you are really there!

The carousel at the fair has beautiful lights and looks especially enticing at night.  A carousel is larger and more permanent having a variety of animals on it to carry one around and around.  A merry-go-round, however traditionally has horses and is smaller than a carousel. How do I know?  I had to do a little research on the difference when I went to name the design we have called the merry go round, shown above.

Our correspondence card shown has the merry go round design and is used for birth announcements, birthday parties, stationery notes and a variety of correspondence for the special child in your life.