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Thursday, April 10th, 2014

NOTE_balletslippers_textThere is a really beautiful and special photography exhibit opening in Saratoga Springs, New York this month.

Photograph by Richard Calmes

Photography by Richard Calmes

On May 30, 2014 The National Museum of Dance will hold a reception for this exhibition. You’d be a fool not to take a look at this event as it’s free and open to the public.

We often find ourselves literally running through life. Slow down and take some time to enjoy things in your city. Many exhibits are free of charge and showcase marvelous talent. When you are too tired to dance (literally and figuratively), just stop and stroll through an exhibit like this, even if it’s online.

If you live close enough, The National Museum of Dance is located at 99 South Broadway in Saratoga Spring, NY. For more information about the Museum and its programs, visit their website or call 518-584-2225.

Our ballet slippers are always leaping from one mailbox to the next, notifying friends of birthday celebrations, other parties, or just to say hi. After all, isn’t that the best kind of mail to receive?

Lilly at The White House

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

flagThis past week was full of excitement after we received a call from The White House. Lilly’s submission to the Student Film Festival had received honorable mention and she was therefore invited to the event taking place at The White House. 2014LDG WhiteHouse

If you ever need a shot of pride for your country, take a visit to DC and walk through the monuments that pay respect to those that have served us as citizens. Be it a President or a soldier, there are monuments to pay respect to each.

After The White House, we strolled through the Smithsonian where we saw the Genome; Unlocking Life’s Code exhibit, featuring our friends, the Beery family. If you want to see more visit

Show your patriotic spirit with Letters from Lilly stationery and the flag design. You can use it for personal notes… a thank you to the President for having us perhaps.

Flowers Feed Our Souls

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

gf_bridalbouquetLast week, I was lucky enough to see a lecture and demonstration by Shane Connolly. You might not know this floral designer unless I add the fact that he was the Artistic Director of Flowers for the Wedding of The Royal Highness the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Those 15′ maple trees lining the aisle of the Abbey were his doing. Shane shared the initial plans of blooming trees and how this idea all seemed quite perfect for a princess until the warm spring forced all trees to bloom early. By the time of the wedding, there were no blooming trees to be found. As he shared this, I imagined people on the phones, day and night, trying to solve the crisis of no blooming trees and the looming wedding. Luckily, he said knew he was working with a flexible princess and she found the img_09351green maples to be just right with or without the blossoms. After the wedding, Shane looked back and felt the blooming trees might have been too predictable and was glad with the way the day turned out.

He’s quite a quick wit,  just what you would expect from a sharp Irishman. He was on stage with two long tables, identically draped in black. He started behind one table with luscious lilacs and quickly whipped up a masterpiece of an arrangement, then snapped right over to the next table doing the same with peach blossom branches sprouting out of a tall, glass cylinder and then wrapping jasmine around the outer, bottom base. For two hours, he took what looked like dull, commonplace containers and made them magically transform, all the while encouraging us that we too could do the same at home. With every flower he touched, he taught us the meaning of each flower reminding us that “flowers feed our souls.”

Back in the day, men and women couldn’t be seen talking with one another so flowers were sent and depending on the flower, you could be delivered a message of love, despair or the symbol of true friendship. Pink roses mean perfect happiness and red roses express passion and love. Flowers were used for communication, much as writing papers are used today.

I walked away learning things that were elementary to him, but keepsake suggestions I will use myself; bunch like flowers in arrangements rather than polka dotting them within, use containers of interest, and have fun with it. Rather than forcing flowers to hang a certain way, let them fall where they may. They will be happier and you’ll end up with a more natural and beautiful display.

Above, see our bridal bouquet design on Letters from Lilly gatefold stationery, resembling the arrangement by Shane in the photograph, which is full of luscious lavenders to use for any event from birthday celebrations to weddings.

P.S. Shane got to see “the dress” before any of us!

Giving Gratitude

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

stkr_heart_textIn 2008 a man named John Kralik made the decision to be grateful.  At the time he decided to do this, he was anything but thankful. His self employment situation was desperate, he was overweight, out of shape and depressed.  His relationship has just ended and not by his choice. He made a conscious effort to change his attitude by reaching out to thank others.

John vowed to write one note a day for a year. He set no guidelines about who bookjpgthe note needed to be directed to or what the subject matter needed to address. One note for each day.

He made the decision to be grateful.

John started out by writing a note to a barista who made his coffee  everyday. He thanked her for remembering his name and order everyday. Then he wrote to colleagues and thanked them for their referrals, he wrote clients and thanked them for paying on time.  One note, each day.

Guess what happened? When people replied, they reflected the same kindness back to John. Things got better.  His colleagues referred more clients to him, his current clients paid faster, he was happier and felt like exercising and he lost weight; got healthy. Positive energy reflects back.

Make the decision to be grateful and show your gratitude to others. It will make you feel good to drop that note in the mailbox. It will make the person receiving it feel even better.

Letters from Lilly has a heart design that is used a lot during February, the month of the Valentine, but feel free to use it all year long to tell someone you love them.

Tea for Two or Just You

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

inv_teapot_textThe chill of January is upon us all. Even those of us out west are feeling the drop in temperature and the days can’t get longer fast enough. The fires are burning and the tea is brewing.

Years ago, I came across the neatest teapot gift that I’d like to share with you. Blooming teas are made and sold by a little company in Georgia, Rariteas. You just have to see it to believe how beautiful these teas can be. The blossoms open when the steaming water is poured over them, into the glass teapot that comes with your teabags.

I think it’s the perfect gift for someone to show how much you care and give them a little treat to enjoy with a friend or just by themselves.

The Letters from Lilly teapot design comes with flowers too. Even though our flowers are painted and not real, like those from Rariteas, you can still send it to bring friends together.

A Time to Give Thanks

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

note_door_textThe holidays are here and with that comes parties, gifts, and the dreaded thank you notes that follow. The thank you note that should follow.

In this short blog update, I’m going to teach you how to write a thank you note in less than a minute.

I have two rules in my home about thank you notes. First, if someone does something nice for you, send them a handwritten note. Second, your note may only be three sentences.

Three sentences is all it takes to properly thank someone for hostessing a party, giving  you a gift, or expressing your thanks for any other gesture.

Dear Audrey,

Thank you for the delicious homemade, mint chocolates! They arrived the same day that my family did for the holidays and we are sure to all enjoy them.

You are so kind to remember us over the holiday season this year.

Merry Christmas,


First sentence; thank them for the gift, specifically naming it.

Second sentence; tell them how you plan to use it.

Third sentence; mention the holiday or occasion they acknowledged.

A birthday note might read:

Dear Janie,

Thank you for taking me to Pastries for lunch on Tuesday. You know I have been dying to try that new restaurant since it opened!

You are sweet to remember my birthday and I’m so glad I could share it with you.

See you soon,


Why the three sentence rule, you might ask? Because then your thank you notes aren’t a chore. You can write three sentences in thirty seconds. Just write the first thing that comes to your mind, address the envelope and mail it. Don’t make a project out of it. It’s not a big deal.

The big deal is on the receiving end when your friend, family member or neighbor gets the note in their mailbox. How nice that they know you appreciate their time and effort extended to you.

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

stkr_redtopfairy_textnote_redtopfairy_textDear Tooth Fairy,

Since 2003 you brought such joy to our home. The way you would flit in and out so magically, leaving just a touch of fairy dust on the window sill, making us all believe in your magic.

The three of us would gather in Lilly’s room, with the gift of her tooth. All the tiny boxes would be brought out and she would take time to decide which special box she would put the tooth in; for you. Once the tooth was in the box, she’d let out a shriek of excitement, knowing your visit would be soon. Under the pillow went the pretty box. On the pillow went her precious head. The waiting began, for all of us.

I know she’d stay awake for hours waiting for you. She’d urge us to go to bed, so you would come. I’d hear her giggles and her trips to the bathroom until finally late into the night, the whole house would be quiet.

The next morning would be full of smiles and confirmation that all is good in the world because the Tooth Fairy had come. On some of those special nights, you’d leave a note. Over the years we learned that your name is Blossom. How excited we all were when the first tooth fell out in California and we left a note to see if you had followed us from Ohio or whether we’d be assigned a new fairy. There was so much to consider. Did you follow children or did you have an assigned territory? She was thrilled when you brought your magic from Ohio to California. I knew you came all that way just for Lilly.

Now Lilly is in high school and has finished her experience of braces. The pretty boxes have been replaced by a plastic retainer case. No more visits from you.

I miss your magic, Blossom and I just wanted to say hello.


Lilly’s mom

Holiday Card Options? You bet.

Monday, November 1st, 2010

We have five different items we offer for holiday cards. Take a look at the options below and choose from our 110+ designs. Any of our designs go on any item we offer.

1. Gatefold  (below) – Use as photo card or just have a greeting inside. Your photo can be affixed inside center or on a side panel. Custom greeting can be printed in the center or on a side panel in your choice of ink color and typestyle.


2. Photo Card 7 3/4″ x 5 1/4″ (below)

Use with a 3″ x 5″ or 4″ x 6″ photo and have customer greeting printed inside. Horizontal or vertical.



3. Small Photo Card 5 1/2″ x 4 1/2″(below)

Use with a small 3 3/8″ x 2 5/8″ photo and have customer greeting printed inside. Horizontal or vertical.



4. Flat Photo Card (below)

Attach your own photo or upload and edit your photo to fit our card on our site. See paper and photo printing options on the site and email us if you have questions

fhp_santa_text15. Fold Over Note (below)

Toss the idea of a photo all together and send a custom greeting card like the one shown below. Your greeting will be printed inside the folded note shown below.

note_doorAll Letters from Lilly stationery includes  the matching linings, as shown in these samples. The photo cards can be printed on ecru textured paper OR white paper. See our website or email us for details.

Pansy for your thoughts?

Monday, October 4th, 2010

enc_pansies_textThere is no mistake that I chose the black and gold pansies for a Letters from Lilly design.

Did you know pansy petals and leaves are edible as well as high in vitamins A and C? If you are having a bridal shower, just bake a white cake, frost with white frosting, and put on the pretty and edible crystallized pansies. You can purchase them or make them yourself.

Here’s how you make them:

To crystallize pansies, wait for a dry, clear day. If possible, work in an air-conditioned room. Cut the flowers and place their stems in a glass of water. Dilute one egg white with a few drops of water. Fill a small bowl with superfine sugar and cover a baking sheet with parchment paper. You’ll also need to use a pair of small, sharp scissors and tweezers.

Cut the flower stem as close to the base of the flower head as possible. Cut off the sepals (the green flaps on the back of the flower head). Hold the remaining portion of the stem with the tweezers. Use your fingers to coat the flower with the egg white-water mixture, pressing the egg white into the petals and lifting the petals to get the egg white into those hard-to-reach areas. Lay the flower head face down on a work surface to smooth it out and to remove any excess egg white.cake

Holding the base again with the tweezers, hold the flower face up over the bowl of sugar and sprinkle the sugar over the flower generously once over the flower. Turn the flower over immediately. Sprinkle the sugar over the back of the flower once or twice. It is essential that every bit of the flower is coated with sugar; this sugar shell preserves the flower. Place the flower face up on the baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Set the baking sheet in a cool, dry place to dry for about eight hours, or until the flowers feel crisp to the touch.

Crystallized flowers can keep up to one year. Line a plastic, airtight container with bubble wrap, then lay a piece of soft tulle on top. Arrange crystallized pansies in one layer on the tulle, then cover with another piece of tulle. Add more layers of crystallized pansies and tulle until the container is full. Cover and store at room temperature until ready to use.

Here is a how to video.

When I did this, I made the white cake and white frosting from scratch and ordered my pansies by mail. Oh, and there was no mistake on the black and gold pansies because I’m a Theta.

Shown here is our enclosure card with matching lining, just like all our stationery products.

Written directions for crystallized pansies from

Have Fun over the Holidays

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Last weekend was the weekend that the holidays really began. Christmas parties are in full swing. They’ll continue tonight and through next week, and the following week as well!

Do I have enougann_door_texth outfits to get me through or will my husband tire of the same black outfits that are classic, comfortable, and get me through cocktail parties, dinner parties, and any holiday occasion that keeps me wondering… what am I supposed to wear?

Oh, is your holiday calendar not full?

If you aren’t having your own Christmas party, I’m not sure you can complain. When was the last time you entertained? Come on! Get in the spirit!

It’s easy to sit down and write a list of friends you’d like to see. Depending on the number, plan an Open House or an intimate dinner party. Entertaining in your home is “in” right now as we all pull in the reins (brings thoughts of Santa’s reindeer). I have 7 couples coming over next week. I’m throwing a roast in the oven, pouring some fine wine, and hoping to reconnect with friends I don’t see often enough. Plus, I love any excuse to set a formal dinner table, especially during the holidays.

I can hear you now, “But it’s too late to do something.”

Phooey, plan a New Year’s midnight brunch, a Valentine’s Sweetheart party, or a dinner for 6 or 8 with no holiday in mind.81171-main_full1

Make the list, order the invitations, start planning. That’s the fun part. If you need ideas on what to wear, there are a lot of great dresses right around the corner! And do dress up. It is the holidays after all.

And use the china? Absolutely, what are you saving it for?

The invitation I receive in the mail is how I decide to dress. Keep this in mind when ordering your own invitations. The invitation sets the tone.

A script typestyle will tell your guests it’s a more formal occasion. A printed, light hearted font will express playful, casual times. Whatever the typestyle, get going, have some fun and get together with friends you want to see.

When you open your home to others, they will remember to share special times with you as well. That’s what holidays are all about anyway. Sharing time with friends.

The announcement is shown above with a Merry Christmas tree trimming party. We recommend the holiday door design for any occasion this time of year. It absolutely is available with matching stickers for return address… and any of our other great stationery items.