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There’s a Swing of Spring in your Step

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

On your arm should be a nice, small, fabric perhaps, handbag. There are so many options today of handbags that I admire and I’m not sure the one on the notepad shown even exists.  I might want one if it did.


You can get it on all our stationery products, as you know.  This is our notepad, which also comes in individual sheets.  Either way you order it, you can get envelopes to match. This is nice when you want to send a letter, rather than a short note. There are some times I have more to say and a correspondence card isn’t enough.  One of my tricks is putting these sheets through my printer with a fun typestyle that looks a little like handwriting, but a lot straighter than I can write.  I find as the years go on, my handwriting gets worse.




This Waterford Roller ball pen writes so nicely, it might even improve my own handwriting.Write it yourself or have your printer do it for you, but send someone an update about your plans for summer.  Think light thoughts, empty that heavy handbag and pack it away. Break out the cute, light weight bags.  Just lightening that strap on your shoulder is sure to put a swing in your step this spring.