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Lavender Weddings and Things to Come

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

The lavender flower is a symbol of Purity, Silence, and Luck. I understand associating the purity and luck part with the coming together of two people through a wedding, but silence? Let’s just say that’s keeping quiet during the church service, that way the symbolism will work with my posting.

After yesterday, with my social media temper tantrum, I decided I needed to get back to basics. For me it means my products and designs and putting pretty things together for all of you. So I put together this inspiration board.inspirationboardbridalbouquet Each picture speaks to purity, silence and luck, especially those pearls! I love the pearls and the shoes. The dress is also beautiful to me, but I don’t have an occasion to wear it. I didn’t have the guts to wear a dress like that for my wedding.

I hope you are each inspired now and will end your week with lots of luck.

My day picked up when new art passed my desk and I am thrilled with what is coming!

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Image Sources:

Wedding dress /Stationery; Letters from Lilly / Bike / Lavender field / Wedding cake / Shoes / Cupcakes / Pearls / Gift

The Circus of Social Media

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

gf_circustentLife is a circus! I am telling you, my days have changed! When I started my business in 2005, I had a computer, a few printers, a copy machine, a fax and a desk top telephone. My days were filled with meeting with customers by phone or in person and filling orders. Life was simple.

Somewhere between 2004 and today, I have been thrown into the circus ring of social media.  At first it was fun to connect with customers and friends and have a resource to get my business out and in front of people who might not otherwise see Letters from Lilly stationery.

Today I am not feeling the fun. I made a list of all my social media responsibilities and it stopped me in my tracks. Someone might tell me to hire someone to do it for me. I like to update information myself because I do want my customers getting my impressions of the industry and my take on the images, but sweet elephants! It’s taking up a big portion of my day.

Don’t worry, your orders come first, but the constant pull to update, refresh and keep up is … tiring. I’m new to Pinterest (this is where I ask you to go check out my boards. I’m under Letters from Lilly).  I’ve made my boards and have really had fun doing it, honestly, but then I came across a site to “help you organize your Pinterest boards.” Are you kidding me?

That is for another day.

Now that I’ve updated my blog, I need to post it to Facebook. I can’t forget to post it on the Letters from Lilly page (please connect here) and my personal page too. Then I’ll have to Tweet it on Twitter (please follow me here) so that’s up to the minute with my fun.

This is truly a circus.

Flowers Feed Our Souls

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

gf_bridalbouquetLast week, I was lucky enough to see a lecture and demonstration by Shane Connolly. You might not know this floral designer unless I add the fact that he was the Artistic Director of Flowers for the Wedding of The Royal Highness the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Those 15′ maple trees lining the aisle of the Abbey were his doing. Shane shared the initial plans of blooming trees and how this idea all seemed quite perfect for a princess until the warm spring forced all trees to bloom early. By the time of the wedding, there were no blooming trees to be found. As he shared this, I imagined people on the phones, day and night, trying to solve the crisis of no blooming trees and the looming wedding. Luckily, he said knew he was working with a flexible princess and she found the img_09351green maples to be just right with or without the blossoms. After the wedding, Shane looked back and felt the blooming trees might have been too predictable and was glad with the way the day turned out.

He’s quite a quick wit,  just what you would expect from a sharp Irishman. He was on stage with two long tables, identically draped in black. He started behind one table with luscious lilacs and quickly whipped up a masterpiece of an arrangement, then snapped right over to the next table doing the same with peach blossom branches sprouting out of a tall, glass cylinder and then wrapping jasmine around the outer, bottom base. For two hours, he took what looked like dull, commonplace containers and made them magically transform, all the while encouraging us that we too could do the same at home. With every flower he touched, he taught us the meaning of each flower reminding us that “flowers feed our souls.”

Back in the day, men and women couldn’t be seen talking with one another so flowers were sent and depending on the flower, you could be delivered a message of love, despair or the symbol of true friendship. Pink roses mean perfect happiness and red roses express passion and love. Flowers were used for communication, much as writing papers are used today.

I walked away learning things that were elementary to him, but keepsake suggestions I will use myself; bunch like flowers in arrangements rather than polka dotting them within, use containers of interest, and have fun with it. Rather than forcing flowers to hang a certain way, let them fall where they may. They will be happier and you’ll end up with a more natural and beautiful display.

Above, see our bridal bouquet design on Letters from Lilly gatefold stationery, resembling the arrangement by Shane in the photograph, which is full of luscious lavenders to use for any event from birthday celebrations to weddings.

P.S. Shane got to see “the dress” before any of us!

Two Bags are Recycling Answer

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

gf_twobagsOld habits die hard, don’t they? It took me about two years to lick the babag1g habit, but I can honestly say that it’s been over a year now since I took a bag from the grocery store or any other store where I’ve made a purchase.

I went through the time of getting into the store and thinking ‘MY BAGS!’ I tried putting them in the front seat of my car so I would see them daily, hoping I’d remember to use them. Sometimes I did, other times I didn’t. Sometimes my punishment for forgetting was carrying an armload of items out to the car, without a bag (looking and feeling like an idiot). But over time, I’ve come to the point where I grab my bags like I grab my keys from my ignition. I have successfully squashed the bad habit and you should too.

With all the fun reusable bags out there, there are plenty of choices and the whole thing about e-coli in them… I don’t buy it. If you do, get washable ones and just toss them through your laundry every once in a while. The sturdier bags also mean no grocery items slipping around in the back like they do when they fall out of plastic, single use bags.


I found some really fun bags online that are bright and cheery and will make remembering your bags easy. If you like these bags, just click on the picture and it will take you to the site or you can check around your local stores.  Plenty of local retailers offer them and then you don’t pay shipping AND you support your local commerce.

Our Two Bag design is great for everyday letter writing this spring and summer. Send someone a note, just because, and make them smile.

19 billion (19,000,000,000) single-use plastic bags are used annually in the state of California.

It’s the Simple Things

Monday, February 7th, 2011

gf_poppypitcherI’m probably the only gal who tells her husband NOT to buy roses on Valentine’s Day.

I don’t like the traditional bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day or any other holiday for that matter.

I like wild flowers and bright poppies, smiling gerbera daisies and happy sunflowers. Roses are too… I don’t know…perfect? Other times of the year I  might like roses, but not on Valentine’s Day.

The perfect bouquet for me is the one from the local grocery store with lots of colors and maybe lilies as the most bold of the flowers in the arrangement. If it’s a really special occasion, two bunches are nice, but not necessary.

Even on my wedding day, I didn’t carry a rose and neither did any of my attendants. My bouquet was all wild flowers and the bridesmaids carried their own bunches; one a big bunch of freesia, another an armful of white daisies, another a bunch of pink gerbera daisies, then the purple iris, yellow lilies, and then the rubrum lilies.  wild_poppies_1024x768

I remember the florist was shell shocked when I tried to explain my ideal bouquet. I finally had to tell her, “You know the flowers that grow in a field or on the side of a highway? That’s what I want.” I wanted Queen Anne’s lace and small purple and yellow flowers that naturally grow in the country in Upstate New York.

So what do I like on Valentine’s Day? A small bouquet from the grocery store and a box of chocolate. Oh, and a kiss. <3 And only a handmade Valentine will do.

The gatefold shown above with the pitcher of poppies would suit me just fine for Valentine’s Day. The design can be put on all of Letters from Lilly stationery items.

Holiday Card Options? You bet.

Monday, November 1st, 2010

We have five different items we offer for holiday cards. Take a look at the options below and choose from our 110+ designs. Any of our designs go on any item we offer.

1. Gatefold  (below) – Use as photo card or just have a greeting inside. Your photo can be affixed inside center or on a side panel. Custom greeting can be printed in the center or on a side panel in your choice of ink color and typestyle.


2. Photo Card 7 3/4″ x 5 1/4″ (below)

Use with a 3″ x 5″ or 4″ x 6″ photo and have customer greeting printed inside. Horizontal or vertical.



3. Small Photo Card 5 1/2″ x 4 1/2″(below)

Use with a small 3 3/8″ x 2 5/8″ photo and have customer greeting printed inside. Horizontal or vertical.



4. Flat Photo Card (below)

Attach your own photo or upload and edit your photo to fit our card on our site. See paper and photo printing options on the site and email us if you have questions

fhp_santa_text15. Fold Over Note (below)

Toss the idea of a photo all together and send a custom greeting card like the one shown below. Your greeting will be printed inside the folded note shown below.

note_doorAll Letters from Lilly stationery includes  the matching linings, as shown in these samples. The photo cards can be printed on ecru textured paper OR white paper. See our website or email us for details.

I’m Flipping over Summer

Monday, August 9th, 2010

There is sostkr_flipflops_textmething about the flip, flip, flip, flip sound that my flip flops make that say summer. I wear flip flops almost every day. They go with everything and follow along with every mood (at least during summer). They make me smile.

I don’t include controversial topics in my blog for a lot of reasons, but the biggest one is because I simply want to share some interesting details about Letters from Lilly designs. I want it to be fun to write and enjoyable to read.

And who would have guessed that flip flops would carry controversy? In the short time I researched flip flops, all I found was information that made me go “huh?”

First, there are families arguing about WHO really invented the flip flop. One says their ancestor was the genius responsible for bringing us the flip flop and another says their ancestor did it a decade earlier. Is it really possible that anflipfloppdfyone other than a caveman invented them?

Second, because so many are made out of crude oil, they are snubbed by environmentalists. Geez, I’m glad that the companies are starting to make them from recycled tires. Am I?

Third, they are a safety concern. Now I do know that if I hit just a little bit of water on a slick floor, I will FLY across the floor. Igf_flipflops know they don’t have an arch and give zero support. So yes, they can be dangerous, but so is hand-gliding and sitting in the sun.

Ugh, all this negative energy makes me tired, which is NOT what this blog is about. If you want to have environmentally friendly and safe flip flops, simply order ours on Letters from Lilly stationery.  Use them in the safety of your home.

Shown above is the sticker, which looks great on the back or front of your envelope. Lots of folks order them for birthday party or wedding favor bags. You also see our gatefold note to the left which is perfect for beach parties or any other occasion you are pulling together this summer.

Live on the edge, wear flip flops.

Autumn Holiday Card Tips

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

fhp_sagewreath_textlph_sagewreathJust as April showers bring May flowers, autumn leaves falling bring… snowflakes, holidays, and the fun of holiday cards.

I bet when you read the words fun and holiday cards, you let out a little bit of a sigh.

Admit it, it’s a project. It’s not easy to keep up on the list and addresses, let alone the card and don’t even mention the photo.

Come on, I know what happens when you get the family together for the (dreaded) holiday photo session.

It’s something like this… you say at breakfast, “Honey, the sun is shining, we should really get the kids out and try to get a photo for our holiday card.” Then he grunts, almost like you did a few sentences ago when I first brought it up. The kids come in the room and your husband says, “Mom wants to take the holiday photo card today.” Immediately the kids are on the floor, withering around like earthworms freshly pulled from the earth.spv_sagewreath

So, before I take this too far and you just click away from my blog entirely, let me tell you how we can help at Letters from Lilly.

First, I should tell you, I am NOT available for the family session that needs to happen to get the photo, but I can help with the card.

We have made some exciting changes with our card selection since last season.

As you may know, our folded photo cards come in horizontal and vertical. But, did you know that we now offer photo cards with the photo printed directly on the card?gf_sagewreath1 We have the flat photo card shown on the upper left of this post. It’s flat, white and it comes with all the designs we offer.

We also have the popular cards we have offered for years, which are also available on a white stock that has the photo printed right on the card.

A very unique way to send a photo of your family is to use our gatefold, shown to the right, with your photo affixed in the center of the card.

1. Order early- There are LOTS of options for you to select from this season. I know, it’s still October, but if you get it going now, you can get them ordered and stop the children from groaning, the husband from huffing, and yes, you from sighing. We all love getting them, order early so that you can actually enjoy the process of sending a note with them.

2. Keep it simple – Whatever you choose, you can upload your photo right on our site. We’ll print it and stick it on the card, we’ll print it right on the paper…whatever makes the process easier for you. See all the options by clicking here.

3. Check it off as completed – OK, if you’ve thrown in the towel on the photo, just choose our fold over note shown below with a nice holiday greeting and skip the photo for a year.

No, don’t really do that…everyone likes the photos. Even you do, admit it.


National Park Week, April 18-26, 2009

Monday, April 20th, 2009

You’ve probably heard that Earth Day is on Wednesday.  Did you know that it’s National Park Week all week long?


It’s true. Check out for all kinds of activities and information about thing going on this week around our country.

If you have kids, they can check out becoming a Junior Ranger.

There’s a great map on the home page that you can hover your cursor over any state and see National Parks within that state.

In 1962, when the idea of Earth Day started forming in Gaylord Nelson’s mind, I wonder if he ever imagined that we would be where we are in 2009.

I am one who tries very hard to look at the glass half full.  I like hearing stories about the earth being more than 70% ocean. Our largest National Park is 20,000 square miles (Wrangell-St. Elias, in southcentral Alaska) and all the National Parks make up 84 million acres.  Numbers like these give me hope that we haven’t crushed the planet.

This is a good week to start some of those habits that really can turn into things you do all the time, without even thinking.

-Keep reusable grocery bags in your car. Put them on the floor of the front seat if that helps you remember to use them.   Don’ t just use them in the grocery store, use them wherever you shop.

-Recycle in your home. It really doesn’t take that much effort. Consider cutting back your newspaper subscription to only the days you read it.

-Use cloth napkins, not paper. They are more colorful, last a very long time, can be used for rags when they start to look like them and they really don’t make that much laundry.

-Put this as a tag line on your email.  Remind others to be mindful every time you press send.

P Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail

So there are four things that we can all do, to do our part in keeping what we have beautiful.

Enjoy the National Parks Week, do something on Earth Day and relish the outdoors all year long with our pinetrees gatefold notecards.


Things are starting to Buzz…zz

Friday, April 10th, 2009

There is all kinds of activity around here.  People are buzzing, the air is buzzing. Our bees are certainly buzzing louder than anything!  We have orders coming in for retirement parties (how lovely), bridal showers (how grand), surprise birthday parties (how fun) and my favorite was the elopement (how fabulous)! All asking to use our bumble bee for their special occasions! I love that!




I must say that I love our bumble bees, but only on paper and fabrics or on things like these planters below.  Aren’t they nice? I also adore bumble bee pins.

It might surprise you to know that I have an entire wall, in my house, full of honeycomb.  Right.  Bees make me panic because when I see a bee, I know they are searching out my walls.  We don’t have snow removal here, we have bee removal.  We have taken out bricks in our chimney and had huge honeycombs pulled out.  The first time it was REALLY cool, now… not so much.

So let’s keep the bees to pretty things like planters, stickers, and stationery and keep them far from… me, unless it’s the jewelry… honey.


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