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Ladybugs are a Blessing

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

stkr_ladybug_textLadybugs are one of the least expensive way to keep aphids and other critters away from your garden flowers.

If you find that you don’t have lady bugs naturally, you can actually order them online or pick them up at the closest Home Depot. If you are using nitrogen on your plants, be careful. Aphids love that and the 1/8″ long bugs will suck your plants silly in no time. They reproduce quickly making it possible for a plant to have hundreds of thousands of these bugs in just a few weeks!

This is where the ladybugs come to your rescue. ladybug-feeding-on-aphidsRelease them in your yard and they will quickly go to work on the aphids and other insects that aren’t helpful to your gardening efforts.

Who knew that such a cute little bug was also so helpful? I found an adorable elementary school site that will teach you all kinds of fun facts about ladybugs such as; a ladybugs beat her wings 85 times a second when she flies.

Yes, only female ladybugs fly. The school site also taught me that all ladybugs are born black and will later develop a varied pattern of spots, letting us know what kind of ladybug it is.


The ladybug design is also a symbol of good luck, especially in the Chinese adoption world. For this reason and more, we get lots of requests for baby announcements to be printed on our ladybug design.

All sixteen products from Letters from Lilly can be printed with our ladybug design. To see all our products, just go to our website.

See you in the garden!

Cow Jumping Over the Moon

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

ann_cowoverthemoon_text1Hey diddle diddle,

The Cat and the Fiddle,

The Cow jump’d over the Moon,

The little dog laugh’d to see such Craft,

And the Dish ran away with the Spoon.

This simple rhyme goes back to the 1500′s when even then, parents taught their children poems and songs to introduce them to language. Nursery rhymes are important to young children because they learn culture, musical awareness, and memory when learning the rhymes.


Seen here is our Cow Jumping Over the Moon design that is so often used to announce a new baby to family and friends. As I always say, this and all our designs are available on all Letters from Lilly products.

Have Fun over the Holidays

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Last weekend was the weekend that the holidays really began. Christmas parties are in full swing. They’ll continue tonight and through next week, and the following week as well!

Do I have enougann_door_texth outfits to get me through or will my husband tire of the same black outfits that are classic, comfortable, and get me through cocktail parties, dinner parties, and any holiday occasion that keeps me wondering… what am I supposed to wear?

Oh, is your holiday calendar not full?

If you aren’t having your own Christmas party, I’m not sure you can complain. When was the last time you entertained? Come on! Get in the spirit!

It’s easy to sit down and write a list of friends you’d like to see. Depending on the number, plan an Open House or an intimate dinner party. Entertaining in your home is “in” right now as we all pull in the reins (brings thoughts of Santa’s reindeer). I have 7 couples coming over next week. I’m throwing a roast in the oven, pouring some fine wine, and hoping to reconnect with friends I don’t see often enough. Plus, I love any excuse to set a formal dinner table, especially during the holidays.

I can hear you now, “But it’s too late to do something.”

Phooey, plan a New Year’s midnight brunch, a Valentine’s Sweetheart party, or a dinner for 6 or 8 with no holiday in mind.81171-main_full1

Make the list, order the invitations, start planning. That’s the fun part. If you need ideas on what to wear, there are a lot of great dresses right around the corner! And do dress up. It is the holidays after all.

And use the china? Absolutely, what are you saving it for?

The invitation I receive in the mail is how I decide to dress. Keep this in mind when ordering your own invitations. The invitation sets the tone.

A script typestyle will tell your guests it’s a more formal occasion. A printed, light hearted font will express playful, casual times. Whatever the typestyle, get going, have some fun and get together with friends you want to see.

When you open your home to others, they will remember to share special times with you as well. That’s what holidays are all about anyway. Sharing time with friends.

The announcement is shown above with a Merry Christmas tree trimming party. We recommend the holiday door design for any occasion this time of year. It absolutely is available with matching stickers for return address… and any of our other great stationery items.

It’s all in a Name

Monday, October 5th, 2009


 According to the official authorities,

the top 10 boy names right now are as follows:


1. Jacob
2. Michael
3. Joshua
4. Matthew
5. Ethan
6. Andrew
7. Daniel
8. Anthony
9. Christopher
10. Joseph

Michael was the most popular boy name for years, now Jacob has taken the lead. So do you want to have your little cherub’s name on this list or do you avoid these names just because they are on the list? I guess it’s a matter of opinion.

Personally, I took the family name route. I chose the family name of Lillian because it was my maternal grandfather’s mother’s name. My husband’s great aunt was also named Lillian so it seemed like a good fit for our little girl. In 1997, I didn’t know any little girls named Lillian so I thought I was being quite unique in our selection.

Then it happened, slowly at first. I saw Lilly being ordered on birth announcements I was printing. I thought it was nice that someone had chosen the same name I had for my daughter. Then people started telling me about sisters and friends who had just had their own special Lilly. I specifically remember flipping through a catalogue and seeing a backpack with LILLY cleary printed across the back. Ugh. Now I seemed to be seeing Lilly all over the place.

Whatever name you choose, it could end up on “the list” in the next few years. If you are lucky enough to end up with a creative name, you can always order Letters from Lilly products and we’ll print whatever you choose.  So will companies who make cute little pencil cases with printed pencils, like the one below, printed with none other than JACOB.

pencils Shown above is our Blue Bow design on an announcement, printed with the name Nicholas… number 15 on the baby name list.


Smocking Plaid to Roxy Plaid

Monday, September 21st, 2009

I’m not in denial. lpv_bluedressI know my smocking days are gone.

Gone as in G-O-N-E. There is not one smocked dress left in Lilly’s closet.

Today was picture day at school. For years, the smocked dresses were Lilly’s favorites and I have oodles of her school pictures to prove it. You can see on the Letters from Lilly site that I loved those days gone by. Last night she picked out her outfit and although I had a flashback of smocked dresses, reality came in with, “I’ll wear my pink Abercrombie top and my Roxy plaid skirt with my black leggings.”

It sounds horrible and ten years ago, the mere suggestion would have made my skin crawl (and Lilly’s too for that matter).  But, no surprise, her outfit today was quite cute and appropriate for a 7th grade school photo.1015412l1

 Smocking has been around probably as long as stitching has been. It’s an art really. Very small stitches are sewn together and gathered to make intricate and ornamental patterns. The dress Lilly is wearing above shows smocking across the front with tiny red flowers.

So even though she wasn’t wearing smocking today, hardly appropriate for a girl who is just shy of 13, I love the photo that came home on her student ID today. The baby teeth have been replaced by adult teeth, complete with braces, and Converse now take the place of the patent leather shoes. She’s grown up for sure, now it’s my turn.

Order our blue dress stationery for your little girl now, while you can. She’ll grow up in a blink and rather than talking with you after school, she’ll be texting you from the next room. Did I just admit that?

On the Move

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

stkr_monkeybananas_textThis is the time of year to move.  People all over the country are packing up their things to relocate.  There are kids getting ready to start the second session of camp, others have almost completed their summer and are off to start sports at boarding school or college. Families are packing up their homes to move and get settled before the fall school year begins.

The Public Utilities Commission in Ohio (my old stomping grounds for college and the next sixteen years) puts out a really nice check list of things to do when preparing to move. Of course notifying your family and friends is on the ‘official’ list. This is a great place for me to remind you that this monkey would make a really adorable moving announcement. So if you are moving and want the list, here’s the link.


Whatever the reason for your move, get moving on announcements with our monkey with bananas design. I actually use this design for my own stationery because we are all moving in some way each day… hopefully forward with our projects.

This  monkey is just one of our family of monkeys. To see the others, go to Letters from Lilly.

Let’s go to the Fair!

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

It’s the lascorr_merrygoround_textt week of the Del Mar Fair for the year.  The fair that has been happening every year since 1880. It was to be the greatest display of agriculture in California. 

Today you’ll find 80 different rides and a variety of food with over 100 booths offering all kinds of typical fair food.  It’s all sure to make your mouth water and your tummy grumble (how about a fried twinkie).

I don’t know a kid who doesn’t love the idea of the fair.  If they don’t want to bungie jump from the top of a crane, they can always enjoy an outdoor concert or take in the educational displays in the buildings surrounding the racetrack. The racetrack and the club within was established with the help of Bing Crosby. Horse racing begins when the fair wraps up later in July.

There is a fun website where you can get more information about merry go rounds, carousels and their history: is complete with music to feel like you are really there!

The carousel at the fair has beautiful lights and looks especially enticing at night.  A carousel is larger and more permanent having a variety of animals on it to carry one around and around.  A merry-go-round, however traditionally has horses and is smaller than a carousel. How do I know?  I had to do a little research on the difference when I went to name the design we have called the merry go round, shown above.

Our correspondence card shown has the merry go round design and is used for birth announcements, birthday parties, stationery notes and a variety of correspondence for the special child in your life.

Happy May Day!

Friday, May 1st, 2009

May Day is on May 1st and denotes the end of winter, a time to celebrate the beginning of spring, and the coming of summer.

It’s celebrated around the world by dancing around the May pole. In some villages part of the celebration comes from bringing the May pole in from the local forest and seeing how high the May pole will stand.  Other villages have permanent poles to stand tall throughout the year.

It is customary to celebrate May Day with flowers.  Just in time, we have a new design with spring flowers to share with you. The spring bouquet is shown below on an invitation.


Our spring bouquet is just the right design for any spring occasion; graduation, Mother’s Day brunch (or stationery as a gift), First Communion, baby announcement…the list goes on.



 So enjoy May Day and wash your face with some May Dew… another tradition from days gone by.

Lilly’s Playhouse

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

img_18311I get this question every once in a while about Lilly’s playhouse. “Is there really a Lilly’s playhouse like the design you offer?”

Actually, there is.  It’s a dreamy escape for any little girl, but the tween Lilly is enjoying it more as a retreat from her parents, especially when friends come over.  “It’s a place to go that no one can hear us,” shared Lilly with me, with a giggle.

She has it fully equipped with electricity which lights up the inside with twinkle lights and the outside with Christmas lights, which Lilly feels should be kept up all year long.  It also keeps her refrigerator running so that she can serve cold drinks to her friends. (Don’t get any ideas here, it’s apple juice, I’m the one who fills it).

There’s an IPod for the ever necessary tunes to play a little Hannah Montana, High School Musical or other necessary sounds anyann_lillyshouse_text1 tween enjoys.

 The design of Lilly’s playhouse was originally just for Lilly, but I’ve found that lots of people like Lilly’s playhouse for notes.  We have sent some very creative moving announcements using this design as well as house warming parties and baby announcements like the one shown.

It’s the playhouse I would have dreamed of as a child. A place to go that’s quiet and my own.  Maybe I should consider using it while she’s at school!

Here’s a sneak peak at the inside!img_0262 Yes, there’s even wireless service…

Things are starting to Buzz…zz

Friday, April 10th, 2009

There is all kinds of activity around here.  People are buzzing, the air is buzzing. Our bees are certainly buzzing louder than anything!  We have orders coming in for retirement parties (how lovely), bridal showers (how grand), surprise birthday parties (how fun) and my favorite was the elopement (how fabulous)! All asking to use our bumble bee for their special occasions! I love that!




I must say that I love our bumble bees, but only on paper and fabrics or on things like these planters below.  Aren’t they nice? I also adore bumble bee pins.

It might surprise you to know that I have an entire wall, in my house, full of honeycomb.  Right.  Bees make me panic because when I see a bee, I know they are searching out my walls.  We don’t have snow removal here, we have bee removal.  We have taken out bricks in our chimney and had huge honeycombs pulled out.  The first time it was REALLY cool, now… not so much.

So let’s keep the bees to pretty things like planters, stickers, and stationery and keep them far from… me, unless it’s the jewelry… honey.


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