And I am going to…

… do all the things on my list this year. Are you going to skate through this year doing the same as you did last year or are you going to challenge yourself to do something new and different?note_iceskates_text

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Goals? Long shots? Do you know why we are always reaching farther, faster, higher?

Are you?

I am completely guilty of this, but I’m getting better. I say guilty because I used to stretch so hard that the process seemed almost painful.  However, I’m getting better because it’s been a goal of mine NOT to reach so darn hard for more. It has been my goal to be happy with the today of life and not always thinking about how I could do it better tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong, I have goals, but I don’t write a list of ten anymore. I only have three. Each year, I write down three.

One goal is for me physically, another goal is for my brain, and a third goal is for my business. That’s it. Just three.

Now you want to know what they are don’t you?

OK, I’ll share, but I hope once you read them, you’ll post a comment on what your goals are too. We’re all in this together, right?

The first goal, is for me physically. I’m a pretty athletic person. I exercise each day and stay in good basic shape. My balance isn’t great, taking time to stretch before or after a workout is… non-existent. Both are areas I could use improvement. So, I’m taking yoga. I tried it and I’m surprised to say, I like it. The most difficult thing for me about yoga is moving so slowly. I’m taking hot yoga. It’s in a room that’s 95+ degrees so if you feel like running when you get there, you soon forget about moving quickly. I don’t like heat so this forces me to slow down and I’m finding that I really enjoy it. I’m on week 2 so we’ll see how it goes.stkr_iceskates_text

The second goal is for my brain. This goal  has been consistent for more than a decade. To read at least one book a month that is a novel. I read a book that is recommended because it’s a good story, not because it will teach me something. I might read other books along the way to learn, but it is my goal to read a book I will enjoy for the pure entertainment of reading a novel. This sounds easy, but for  me, it’s not. I usually end up reading something about being a better parent or how to provide better service in business, but reading for enjoyment is something I need to make an effort to do. So that’s goal number two.

The third and final goal, is work. It is my goal to continue to build on the strong foundation that has been established over the years. I am going to continue to strive to meet the needs of you, our customers, in a variety of ways.

skatesSo don’t get bogged down with New Year’s resolutions. Just write down three goals that you really want to accomplish and just chip away at them for 12 months, you have time, enjoy the process, try something new. Remember, this isn’t a dress rehearsal.

Shown above is our skating design on a fold over note and a sticker used as a return address sticker. You can also order them just with the design.

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