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StationEry with an E like pEn and lEtter

Monday, February 27th, 2012

note_greenbow_textI’m detail oriented and I think other people notice the details, even love the details, that make things special. Details make a party special, make a gift more personal and make a home more comfortable.

The details of our writing define who we are, not only what we are trying to express.

Stationery; writing paper.

Stationary; a fixed item like a stationary bike.

Since I’ve been in the stationery business, I have seen and continue to see people spell stationery incorrectly. I’ve even had retail store owners submit requests to carry our products who spell stationery incorrectly.

So here’s the easy way. Stationery writing paper is with an E like pEn and lEtter.

Just a tip. Hope it helps.

Giving Gratitude

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

stkr_heart_textIn 2008 a man named John Kralik made the decision to be grateful.  At the time he decided to do this, he was anything but thankful. His self employment situation was desperate, he was overweight, out of shape and depressed.  His relationship has just ended and not by his choice. He made a conscious effort to change his attitude by reaching out to thank others.

John vowed to write one note a day for a year. He set no guidelines about who bookjpgthe note needed to be directed to or what the subject matter needed to address. One note for each day.

He made the decision to be grateful.

John started out by writing a note to a barista who made his coffee  everyday. He thanked her for remembering his name and order everyday. Then he wrote to colleagues and thanked them for their referrals, he wrote clients and thanked them for paying on time.  One note, each day.

Guess what happened? When people replied, they reflected the same kindness back to John. Things got better.  His colleagues referred more clients to him, his current clients paid faster, he was happier and felt like exercising and he lost weight; got healthy. Positive energy reflects back.

Make the decision to be grateful and show your gratitude to others. It will make you feel good to drop that note in the mailbox. It will make the person receiving it feel even better.

Letters from Lilly has a heart design that is used a lot during February, the month of the Valentine, but feel free to use it all year long to tell someone you love them.