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A Time to Give Thanks

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

note_door_textThe holidays are here and with that comes parties, gifts, and the dreaded thank you notes that follow. The thank you note that should follow.

In this short blog update, I’m going to teach you how to write a thank you note in less than a minute.

I have two rules in my home about thank you notes. First, if someone does something nice for you, send them a handwritten note. Second, your note may only be three sentences.

Three sentences is all it takes to properly thank someone for hostessing a party, givingĀ  you a gift, or expressing your thanks for any other gesture.

Dear Audrey,

Thank you for the delicious homemade, mint chocolates! They arrived the same day that my family did for the holidays and we are sure to all enjoy them.

You are so kind to remember us over the holiday season this year.

Merry Christmas,


First sentence; thank them for the gift, specifically naming it.

Second sentence; tell them how you plan to use it.

Third sentence; mention the holiday or occasion they acknowledged.

A birthday note might read:

Dear Janie,

Thank you for taking me to Pastries for lunch on Tuesday. You know I have been dying to try that new restaurant since it opened!

You are sweet to remember my birthday and I’m so glad I could share it with you.

See you soon,


Why the three sentence rule, you might ask? Because then your thank you notes aren’t a chore. You can write three sentences in thirty seconds. Just write the first thing that comes to your mind, address the envelope and mail it. Don’t make a project out of it. It’s not a big deal.

The big deal is on the receiving end when your friend, family member or neighbor gets the note in their mailbox. How nice that they know you appreciate their time and effort extended to you.