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Dear Tooth Fairy,

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

stkr_redtopfairy_textnote_redtopfairy_textDear Tooth Fairy,

Since 2003 you brought such joy to our home. The way you would flit in and out so magically, leaving just a touch of fairy dust on the window sill, making us all believe in your magic.

The three of us would gather in Lilly’s room, with the gift of her tooth. All the tiny boxes would be brought out and she would take time to decide which special box she would put the tooth in; for you. Once the tooth was in the box, she’d let out a shriek of excitement, knowing your visit would be soon. Under the pillow went the pretty box. On the pillow went her precious head. The waiting began, for all of us.

I know she’d stay awake for hours waiting for you. She’d urge us to go to bed, so you would come. I’d hear her giggles and her trips to the bathroom until finally late into the night, the whole house would be quiet.

The next morning would be full of smiles and confirmation that all is good in the world because the Tooth Fairy had come. On some of those special nights, you’d leave a note. Over the years we learned that your name is Blossom. How excited we all were when the first tooth fell out in California and we left a note to see if you had followed us from Ohio or whether we’d be assigned a new fairy. There was so much to consider. Did you follow children or did you have an assigned territory? She was thrilled when you brought your magic from Ohio to California. I knew you came all that way just for Lilly.

Now Lilly is in high school and has finished her experience of braces. The pretty boxes have been replaced by a plastic retainer case. No more visits from you.

I miss your magic, Blossom and I just wanted to say hello.


Lilly’s mom