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Daughters are Ruffling Dad’s Feathers!

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

enc_dryfly_textDid you spend your Father’s Day tying flies or did you spend it with your daughter in a salon having feathers put in her hair?

Yes, hair.

Your daughter might just take the feathers out of your tackle box; beware.feather1

In March Lilly went on her 8th grade east coast trip, complete with feathers in her hair. In Boston she met up with her life long friends from Wellesley who looked at her a little funny. “What is in your hair Lilly?” Lilly glowed and swished the feathers in her hair to show the latest California trend that is now reaching the other coast thanks to TV shows and social media conversations.

So anglers, keep your tackle box close by, at least away from your teenage daughter.

Our dryfly design came along way before the hair trend and is popular year round with men and women alike.