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Two Bags are Recycling Answer

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

gf_twobagsOld habits die hard, don’t they? It took me about two years to lick the babag1g habit, but I can honestly say that it’s been over a year now since I took a bag from the grocery store or any other store where I’ve made a purchase.

I went through the time of getting into the store and thinking ‘MY BAGS!’ I tried putting them in the front seat of my car so I would see them daily, hoping I’d remember to use them. Sometimes I did, other times I didn’t. Sometimes my punishment for forgetting was carrying an armload of items out to the car, without a bag (looking and feeling like an idiot). But over time, I’ve come to the point where I grab my bags like I grab my keys from my ignition. I have successfully squashed the bad habit and you should too.

With all the fun reusable bags out there, there are plenty of choices and the whole thing about e-coli in them… I don’t buy it. If you do, get washable ones and just toss them through your laundry every once in a while. The sturdier bags also mean no grocery items slipping around in the back like they do when they fall out of plastic, single use bags.


I found some really fun bags online that are bright and cheery and will make remembering your bags easy. If you like these bags, just click on the picture and it will take you to the site or you can check around your local stores.  Plenty of local retailers offer them and then you don’t pay shipping AND you support your local commerce.

Our Two Bag design is great for everyday letter writing this spring and summer. Send someone a note, just because, and make them smile.

19 billion (19,000,000,000) single-use plastic bags are used annually in the state of California.

There is a Garden Party Coming Soon

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Spring is fighting to come into the yards and gardens this year, but I am told that even you in the Midwest and note_pinktableandchairs_texteast will find sunshine and warmth someday soon.  Until that day arrives, warm yourself with thoughts of entertaining your little girl in your own magical garden.

There are some fabulous ideas out there to get your ideas flowing for making up your own special day or making a special day even more special.

Here are some of my own ideas that I have used in the

- Use small tables of four to encourage guests to get to know one another.

-Print place card names on both sides so that names are easy for everyone to read .

-Use all white linens and all pink flowers so that your floral arrangements really pop.

-Tie your teacups with pretty grosgrain ribbons with polka dots, stripes and plaids…all the same colors but different patterns.

-Put a candy surprise in the teacup.

-Print tiny cards with a “did you know” about the guest of honor. Scatter them on the tables for conversation starters. Things that makes her wonderful like “Did you know Sarah ran her first 5K this year!”

-Get pretty keepsake containers and fill them with pink, white, fuchsia jellybeans for the guests to take home.

I hope this sparks some creativity in you. Our pink table and chair design would be perfect for the occasion you and I are planning together (above). Remember to email me a photo of your tea party so I can share it with our readers.