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Fairytale Wedding Includes a Cake

Friday, April 29th, 2011

gf_weddingcakeIt seems fitting that today’s blog posting refer to the royal wedding that happened this morning and will continue with celebration for days.

Although we have all seen the fabulously elegant wedding dress, the understated and beautiful flowers, and the hats… oh, the hats… we have yet to see the cake Kate chose for her day. (Perhaps by the time I finish writing this post, we will have seen it).

Willliam is my kind of guy, choosing a chocolate mulit-tiered biscuikissjpgt cake. A McVities chocolate biscuit cake to be specific. It is a fabulous sounding cake that he has loved since he was a young lad.

You and I aren’t going to get any closer to this cake recipe than we are to Kate and William since it’s made by a baker who has been baking for the royal family since the 1800′s.

The wedding cake is said to be a centerpiece to the reception with eight tiers and bearing the initials of the royal couple, being revealed at the reception.

Kate will now be officially Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, but I think that she is like Diana and will remain Kate to us all.

The Letters from Lilly wedding cake is a fun design for anyone planning a big day in the future. As always, available on our stickers and all our fun stationery items.

Royal and Magical Creature

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

enc_seahorse_text Who has thin skin and blushes bright colors when hanging around their friends?

Need another hint? Okay.

Who is like no other, having a crown so distinct that it is as different as one fingerprint to the next?

I’m not referring to the royal wedding here. Give up?

A seahorse.

To me a seahorse is as magical as a unicorn. They are such a fragile, quiet little creature that they don’t seem real in our world.

Fifty species of seahorses fill our seas. Strange they are in the fish family since they swim upright. They really aren’t very good swimmers. Seahorses just bob along in shallow, tropical waters and coral reefs. They are as small as an inch and as large as 12 inches. The tiny eyes they have are independent of one another and  rings are in place of bones inside their S shaped bodies. Their fragile body make up doesn’t even seem strong enough to endure the oceans.seahorse1

The males tend to stick around their natural habitat keeping well within one single square meter while the females will wander 100 times that distance. It’s a good thing the males stick around since they are the ones who carry and have the babies. It’s true. After courting for a few days, the females deposit over 1,000 eggs into the pouch of a male where they stay for anywhere from nine to forty-five days. When they are ready, fully developed seahorses emerge, ready to care for themselves. By the next morning, the male is ready to carry another batch.

Now that’s efficient! They are beautiful little creatures for sure, which is why we include them on each an every stationery item we offer. With summer coming up, they are the perfect design to choose for stationery notes or party invitations.