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Paper Dresses Seen at the Oscars?

Monday, February 28th, 2011

note_fivedresses_textIt’s the morning after the Oscars and everywhere you turn people are talking about who and what they saw last night on television, specifically at the Oscars.

This would be the ideal time for me to disclose the fact that I never even turned them on.

Nope, not a glimpse. I didn’t have big plans that kept me away. I have just never found the flame that burns within to watch hours of people giving awards. Dare I say it’s a little slow for me.

What I will admit to is looking at the pretty dresses. I’m not as interested in who wore the dress, but I do like to see them.  I enjoy the party, the dress up, the glitz and glitter and all that goes along with the g-o-i-n-g to the Oscars. Perhaps if I were invited to attend, I might pay better attention to folks getting trophies.collarjpg

So on that note of dresses, I’m sharing a fabulous article that was submitted to me by one of my favorite customers in northern California. It’s about a display of PAPER dresses and these are fabulous!

If you live in the area or have the opportunity to be in San Francisco between now and June, go see these spectacular paper dresses created by Isabelle de Borchgrave. She is inspired by days gone by but brings them back to life with the detail and intricacies of the finest fabrics and enhancements.

I will be in San Francisco in May and plan to see them for myself. Now our five dresses design isn’t quite as elaborate as Isabelle’s dresses, but ours are quite snappy for that summer social coming in a few months. The Letters from Lilly five dresses design is available on all our stationery products, just like all our designs at Letters from Lilly.

This exhibit can be viewed at San Francisco’s Legion of Honor and runs through June 5, 2011.  The artist will be at the Legion on Saturday demonstrating her techniques for transforming paper into couture for all interested.

Ladybugs are a Blessing

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

stkr_ladybug_textLadybugs are one of the least expensive way to keep aphids and other critters away from your garden flowers.

If you find that you don’t have lady bugs naturally, you can actually order them online or pick them up at the closest Home Depot. If you are using nitrogen on your plants, be careful. Aphids love that and the 1/8″ long bugs will suck your plants silly in no time. They reproduce quickly making it possible for a plant to have hundreds of thousands of these bugs in just a few weeks!

This is where the ladybugs come to your rescue. ladybug-feeding-on-aphidsRelease them in your yard and they will quickly go to work on the aphids and other insects that aren’t helpful to your gardening efforts.

Who knew that such a cute little bug was also so helpful? I found an adorable elementary school site that will teach you all kinds of fun facts about ladybugs such as; a ladybugs beat her wings 85 times a second when she flies.

Yes, only female ladybugs fly. The school site also taught me that all ladybugs are born black and will later develop a varied pattern of spots, letting us know what kind of ladybug it is.


The ladybug design is also a symbol of good luck, especially in the Chinese adoption world. For this reason and more, we get lots of requests for baby announcements to be printed on our ladybug design.

All sixteen products from Letters from Lilly can be printed with our ladybug design. To see all our products, just go to our website.

See you in the garden!

It’s the Simple Things

Monday, February 7th, 2011

gf_poppypitcherI’m probably the only gal who tells her husband NOT to buy roses on Valentine’s Day.

I don’t like the traditional bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day or any other holiday for that matter.

I like wild flowers and bright poppies, smiling gerbera daisies and happy sunflowers. Roses are too… I don’t know…perfect? Other times of the year I  might like roses, but not on Valentine’s Day.

The perfect bouquet for me is the one from the local grocery store with lots of colors and maybe lilies as the most bold of the flowers in the arrangement. If it’s a really special occasion, two bunches are nice, but not necessary.

Even on my wedding day, I didn’t carry a rose and neither did any of my attendants. My bouquet was all wild flowers and the bridesmaids carried their own bunches; one a big bunch of freesia, another an armful of white daisies, another a bunch of pink gerbera daisies, then the purple iris, yellow lilies, and then the rubrum lilies.  wild_poppies_1024x768

I remember the florist was shell shocked when I tried to explain my ideal bouquet. I finally had to tell her, “You know the flowers that grow in a field or on the side of a highway? That’s what I want.” I wanted Queen Anne’s lace and small purple and yellow flowers that naturally grow in the country in Upstate New York.

So what do I like on Valentine’s Day? A small bouquet from the grocery store and a box of chocolate. Oh, and a kiss. <3 And only a handmade Valentine will do.

The gatefold shown above with the pitcher of poppies would suit me just fine for Valentine’s Day. The design can be put on all of Letters from Lilly stationery items.

Trains, Planes, Automobiles

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

enc_train_textnote_airplane_textcorr_redcar_textTrains, Planes and Automobiles are having a tough time tonight in the Midwest and on the East Coast. Nothing is moving except the snow!

My friend in Chicago left work at 2:00 this afternoon in anticipation of ice, cold and snow. She’s packed her laptop and plans to work from home.

My mom, in upstate New York told me today she has stocked up on milk, eggs and bread so she won’t have to travel too far from home in the next few days.

Another friend in Boston called today to tell me she just “Can’t take the gray skies any longer!” Shortly after that call a text came in from Ohio saying “Wishing I was in La Jolla with you, this weather is getting 2 me.”

Who keeps track of all this weather history and when did it all began? In 1849 there were over 150 volunteers who would submit weather findings to the Smithsonian Institution. It’s continued over the years with only brief interruptions for things like… the Civil War. In 1960 the first weather satellite was launched.

You are all making history!

It seems you’ve all had enough of it. So hop on that train, plane or automobile (maybe that last mode of transportation isn’t a good choice these days) and come out to the sunshine.

Shown here are the train, airplane and red car offered on all Letters from Lilly Stationery products.