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Pansy for your thoughts?

Monday, October 4th, 2010

enc_pansies_textThere is no mistake that I chose the black and gold pansies for a Letters from Lilly design.

Did you know pansy petals and leaves are edible as well as high in vitamins A and C? If you are having a bridal shower, just bake a white cake, frost with white frosting, and put on the pretty and edible crystallized pansies. You can purchase them or make them yourself.

Here’s how you make them:

To crystallize pansies, wait for a dry, clear day. If possible, work in an air-conditioned room. Cut the flowers and place their stems in a glass of water. Dilute one egg white with a few drops of water. Fill a small bowl with superfine sugar and cover a baking sheet with parchment paper. You’ll also need to use a pair of small, sharp scissors and tweezers.

Cut the flower stem as close to the base of the flower head as possible. Cut off the sepals (the green flaps on the back of the flower head). Hold the remaining portion of the stem with the tweezers. Use your fingers to coat the flower with the egg white-water mixture, pressing the egg white into the petals and lifting the petals to get the egg white into those hard-to-reach areas. Lay the flower head face down on a work surface to smooth it out and to remove any excess egg white.cake

Holding the base again with the tweezers, hold the flower face up over the bowl of sugar and sprinkle the sugar over the flower generously once over the flower. Turn the flower over immediately. Sprinkle the sugar over the back of the flower once or twice. It is essential that every bit of the flower is coated with sugar; this sugar shell preserves the flower. Place the flower face up on the baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Set the baking sheet in a cool, dry place to dry for about eight hours, or until the flowers feel crisp to the touch.

Crystallized flowers can keep up to one year. Line a plastic, airtight container with bubble wrap, then lay a piece of soft tulle on top. Arrange crystallized pansies in one layer on the tulle, then cover with another piece of tulle. Add more layers of crystallized pansies and tulle until the container is full. Cover and store at room temperature until ready to use.

Here is a how to video.

When I did this, I made the white cake and white frosting from scratch and ordered my pansies by mail. Oh, and there was no mistake on the black and gold pansies because I’m a Theta.

Shown here is our enclosure card with matching lining, just like all our stationery products.

Written directions for crystallized pansies from