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Ever Wanted Your Own Little, Red Golf Cart?

Monday, May 24th, 2010

enc_golfcart_textFor those of you who love our little, red golf cart, you can buy your youngster one of their very own. Wouldn’t it be fun to tool around in this little thing? Perfect for spring and if you add an American flag, you could ride it in your local parade!

So if you decide to buy one of these, be sure to get the Letters from Lilly stationery to match! Shown here are our gift enclosure cards – great for birthday party gifts.  Our red golf cart is also a


popular design for Father’s Day gifts. Give your favorite golfer some note cards, whether he’s a big or small guy.

P.S. Just in case I need to say so, Letters from Lilly has absolutely nothing to do with any golf cart other than the one drawn on our papers. Any craziness you decide to partake in, is up to you and is your responsibility. I don’t own one and I’ve never ordered from the company that sells them. You are responsible for your actions… all you tigers out there.

P.P.S. Yes, I know I blogged about the golf cart last time, but we’ve had a lot of attention paid to it recently and when I came across the real thing, I just had to share!