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Monday, April 26th, 2010

corr_golfcart_textTwelve months a year we can play golf, right on the edge of America. Torrey Pines Golf Course overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is part of San Diego Parks & Recreation. It boasts blue skies overhead, luscious greens below your feet.

The gliders add to the scenery as they slip through the gentle, but strong winds above, like eagles soaring overhead.

It’s a sight to see.


Before Torrey Pines was a golf course, it was Camp Callan; a military training center specializing in anti-aircraft artillery replacement. The history of the park and its military use began in January 1941 and continued through November 1945.

Letters from Lilly offers a fun golf cart that can be used on any of our stationery products. Customers like the correspondence cards to send messages to fellow golfers.

Spring! Get your Home in Tip Top Shape

Monday, April 19th, 2010

enc_dollhouse_textThe time of year has arrived to take inventory of our homes, make a list of repairs, sift through closets, and tidy up so that when the kids are out of school we can all enjoy the summer.

I’m happy to say that I have recently gone through my front hall closet, my own clothing and shoe closet, and my home office. Not only have I made space for the things I use, but I’ve taken a few trips to Goodwill so that others can use what I am not.

When I went through my home office, I had bags of paper that I wanted to get rid of, but wanted to shred for security reasons. Even though I shred as I go, getting rid of old files that I no longer need means more space for me. Rather then spending time shredding these papers, I took them to my local Goodwill where they shred a file box for under $10.00. Time saver and supporting a good cause.

If you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, here is a place where you can get a checklist by room for spring cleaning. One room at a time.

Two of my favorite tips from Organic House Cleaning:

*Use Cloth Rags-Don’t use the new “Disposable Wipes.” Such products are bleached, and are therefore toxins. Recycle old clothing, sheets and towels into rags.

*Recycle Paper and Plastic Bags-  Use the bags that you get from the grocery store to dispose of household garbage. Invest in cloth bags to use for groceries. Paper bhome-sweet-home-hamperags are the most environmentally friendly, however most cities have ordinances against using paper bags for weekly trash pick-ups. Minimize your use of plastic.

If you want to make your own organic cleaning supplies, click on this link to see how.

An organized space makes it easier for your children to concentrate and do their homework. Less clutter makes a more enjoyable space for your whole family. You might not get your home as organized as Lilly’s dollhouse, but she doesn’t keep files and clothes in there so she has an unfair advantage. Use Letters from Lilly stationery with the dollhouse design for your little girl’s thank you notes or gift enclosures (shown above) for birthday parties she attends.