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Autumn Bouquet

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

inv_autumnbouquet_text1Field flowers are some of my favorites. I’m not a big fan of roses or other natural flowers that closely resemble their plastic immitators. Honestly, my favorite bouquets are the least expensive ones that can be found in the grocery store. Luckily for my husband, I never wish for a dozen roses. Nope, my heart skips a beat when he brings me a bunch of simple, yet stunning sunflowers.

 This bouquet, to the left, is perfect for any fall occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, rehearsal dinner or another occasion coming up for you and your family this fall.lindsay021

With autumn here, I’m reminded of the beautiful leaves that fall and line our streets with color. That’s all great until you get the autumn rain and with it comes… mud.

Thus the invention of the aisle runner in chuch for weddings! Did you ever wonder why they pull down the white runner just before the bride walks down the aisle? In the days gone by (and probably today) people drag in all kinds of things from the street.  To keep the bride’s dress beautiful, crisp and white, a runner is pulled down just for her.

Order a beautiful, linen aisle runner for your wedding for all the right reasons; it’s green (meaning green for the earth, not the color of green) so it can be shared. Donate it to your church.  It’s safer; you won’t get your heel caught in plastic (wouldn’t that be awful on the video), and it’s quiet. Have you ever been to a wedding where you can actually hear the bride swishing down the aisle on plastic… ohh. Get the linen, one of my high maintence requests for my own wedding day. But hey, I only ask for grocery store flowers so don’t get on me about the linen aisle runner decades ago! And the church is probably still using it today.

Smocking Plaid to Roxy Plaid

Monday, September 21st, 2009

I’m not in denial. lpv_bluedressI know my smocking days are gone.

Gone as in G-O-N-E. There is not one smocked dress left in Lilly’s closet.

Today was picture day at school. For years, the smocked dresses were Lilly’s favorites and I have oodles of her school pictures to prove it. You can see on the Letters from Lilly site that I loved those days gone by. Last night she picked out her outfit and although I had a flashback of smocked dresses, reality came in with, “I’ll wear my pink Abercrombie top and my Roxy plaid skirt with my black leggings.”

It sounds horrible and ten years ago, the mere suggestion would have made my skin crawl (and Lilly’s too for that matter).  But, no surprise, her outfit today was quite cute and appropriate for a 7th grade school photo.1015412l1

 Smocking has been around probably as long as stitching has been. It’s an art really. Very small stitches are sewn together and gathered to make intricate and ornamental patterns. The dress Lilly is wearing above shows smocking across the front with tiny red flowers.

So even though she wasn’t wearing smocking today, hardly appropriate for a girl who is just shy of 13, I love the photo that came home on her student ID today. The baby teeth have been replaced by adult teeth, complete with braces, and Converse now take the place of the patent leather shoes. She’s grown up for sure, now it’s my turn.

Order our blue dress stationery for your little girl now, while you can. She’ll grow up in a blink and rather than talking with you after school, she’ll be texting you from the next room. Did I just admit that?

One last Slip of Summer

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

stkr_adirondackchairs_textI know that technically, summer has ended. I’m not talking about when “they” say summer has ended. You know who they are, the ones who measure the sun, earth, ocean, wind and get all technical about when OUR summer ends. I say summer ends when school starts and the schedule makes us live by the clock. That’s when I get a little grumpy about summer being over. I don’t like to turn Lilly to the wolves of algebra, geography and Medieval times. The days get shorter, the nights supposedly get longer but I’m more tired when it isn’t summer so how does that work? Only “they” know, I guess.

I remember the days and nights of September on the east coast as being some of the best. The nights finally cool down, enough to put on an extra blanket, but warm enough to keep the windows open all night long. I remember the lawn is plush green, the smell of fall in the air, and being able to relax a little bit in my favorite Adirondack chair.

Enjoy these last few weeks of warm weather. I’m lucky that I don’t have to see it go since I’m not on the east coast any longer, but I still see a slight change in our weather, our plants, and our ocean. In either case, go out on the lawn, sit in your Adirondack chair, drink a warm cup of … whatever suits your fancy and enjoy the remaining warm days.note_adirondackchairs_text

If you don’t have an Adirondack chair, watch this video to learn how to build one or just order some of our stationery products with the Adirondack chairs. Either one will do.

Magical Mermaids

Friday, September 4th, 2009

A mermaid has the head and body of a human female and the tail of a fish.  There are also male mermaids, or mermen.  Enchanting mermaids were knowcorr_mermaid_textn to get the attention of sailors and distract them so much that they sailed off course or worse yet, walked right off their ships.  There are records of mermaid sightings as early as 1870 and as recent as 1967.

 ... Disney's The Little Mermaid

Lilly and I think that mermaids are beautiful, magical creatures who wouldn’t steer you wrong, by land or sea.  Letters from Lilly has a trusting looking mermaid design, playing a mystical horn that is enchanting underwater life around her.  Share her friendly mystery with any one of our 14 stationery items.  Like all our designs, she is available on all our products.