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On the Move

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

stkr_monkeybananas_textThis is the time of year to move.  People all over the country are packing up their things to relocate.  There are kids getting ready to start the second session of camp, others have almost completed their summer and are off to start sports at boarding school or college. Families are packing up their homes to move and get settled before the fall school year begins.

The Public Utilities Commission in Ohio (my old stomping grounds for college and the next sixteen years) puts out a really nice check list of things to do when preparing to move. Of course notifying your family and friends is on the ‘official’ list. This is a great place for me to remind you that this monkey would make a really adorable moving announcement. So if you are moving and want the list, here’s the link.


Whatever the reason for your move, get moving on announcements with our monkey with bananas design. I actually use this design for my own stationery because we are all moving in some way each day… hopefully forward with our projects.

This  monkey is just one of our family of monkeys. To see the others, go to Letters from Lilly.