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Five Dresses

Monday, July 27th, 2009

I love dresses. note_fivedresses_text

I like casual dresses, fancy dresses, and inbetween dresses. There is just something about getting a new dress, but then there is something about pulling out one of the fabulous, favorite dresses already hanging in your closet that makes you feel… just right.

Summer is the time for dresses. A pretty dress, a sweater over your arm or shoulders, just incase the temperature drops, and a pair of cute sandals.  Off you go!

Ladies have been turning to dresses to fancy their style for hundreds of years.  There is a beautifully put together book about the history of dresses.

The Party Dress, Alexandra Black, 0847829618

Book: The Party Dress

In pages peppered with whimsical quotes and interesting historical facts about the pleasures of dressing up, Alexandra Black traces the rise of the party dress complete with the best examples of gowns by top designers such as Carolina Hererra, Giorgio Armani, Lanvin, Balenciaga, and Zac Posen photographed by world-renowned photographers.Rizzoli. From flappers newly liberated by jazz, swinging beaded hems and Chanel’s well-bred sophisticated “little black dress” to today’s red-carpet splendors, women have transformed themselves for parties. This beautifully illustrated retrospective captures the effervescence of the party dress.Every major designer has catered to the well-heeled woman’s desire and ability to wear the most flattering frock at the most public occasions, whether for summer afternoon parties, cocktails, or formal balls. Even Coco Chanel, renowned for her comfortable daywear, saw festive party fashion as something quite separate, not to be constrained by matters of practicality.
So the Five Dresses design that Letters from Lilly offers, shows just that; five dresses. One is cuter than the next. The design is available on all our stationery products.  Above, you see the dresses on our fold over note and gatefold note. Both are great for thank you notes to those summer cocktail parties by the pool or at the beach. There is the polka dot, the floral print, the pink, the blue and the green with lavender (Letters from Lilly colors, but who noticed) making five dresses in all. Wear a dress tomorrow ladies, put a swing in your step!

Sea Star by the Seashore

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

With over 1,800 species, you can see all kinds of different sea stars in waters all over the world.  These creatures that bring wonder along our salty seashores can live up to 35 years, weigh up to 11 pounds, and measure up to 24 centimeters in width.

Relating more to sand dollars and sea urchins, they aren’t fish, which is why they should be referred to as sea stars, rather than starfish. With no blood supply or brain, they slowly move about the ocean floor with their five arms,  covered with suction cups using them to eat their prey of oysters and clams.

One has to look carefully in the tide pools to see sea stars in our local waters. They camouflage themselves so well, they are a treasure of life in our own backyard.


Letters from Lilly has our own sea star that is on all our products and shown here on our new flat photo card.  Share a photo of your summer holiday with family and friends.  As always, you can order matching return address stickers to go along with the card and the lining (that is always included on all our orders).

National Ice Cream Month – July

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Absolutely nothing could be better to me than National Ice Cream Month. stkr_icecreamcone_textIs there a better food than ice cream? Honestly, I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and maybe even for some snacks inbetween meals.

The idea of National Ice Cream Month didn’t come about until the mid 80′s when it was said that 90% of Americans enjoy this food.  I love that it’s referred to as food, first of all, and who are those 10% who don’t like ice cream?

The other shocking piece of news is that mint chocolate chip, my own personal favorite, is loved by only 3.2% of ice cream lovers.  How can that be so? Number 1; vanilla (boring), 2; chocolate (predictable), 3; butter pecan (makes me too thirsty), 4; strawberry (for real? Isn’t that the flavor that always got thrown away when parents brought home that tri-flavored box of ice cream…) and then finally mint chocolate chip at number 5. 

Fine, leaves more for me.

The happiest piece of information I dug up is that there is more ice cream made in California than any other state in the country.  Finally, good news.

I’m not even going to look up information about fat content, heart disease, and sugar.  When I’m eating ice cream, that’s not my focus and it shouldn’t be yours either.  Just enjoy ice cream this month, it’s National Ice Cream Month.  Heck, enjoy it all 12 months, unless you are one of the 10% out there. Go figure.

Over 100 designs are available on Letters from Lilly stickers.  They are clear, one inch round stickers that can be used as return address labels, gift tags or just to stick all over your notebooks. Stick them all over, you get 63 per sheet.

You don’t even have to lick them.  Save that for the ice cream.

Let’s go to the Fair!

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

It’s the lascorr_merrygoround_textt week of the Del Mar Fair for the year.  The fair that has been happening every year since 1880. It was to be the greatest display of agriculture in California. 

Today you’ll find 80 different rides and a variety of food with over 100 booths offering all kinds of typical fair food.  It’s all sure to make your mouth water and your tummy grumble (how about a fried twinkie).

I don’t know a kid who doesn’t love the idea of the fair.  If they don’t want to bungie jump from the top of a crane, they can always enjoy an outdoor concert or take in the educational displays in the buildings surrounding the racetrack. The racetrack and the club within was established with the help of Bing Crosby. Horse racing begins when the fair wraps up later in July.

There is a fun website where you can get more information about merry go rounds, carousels and their history: is complete with music to feel like you are really there!

The carousel at the fair has beautiful lights and looks especially enticing at night.  A carousel is larger and more permanent having a variety of animals on it to carry one around and around.  A merry-go-round, however traditionally has horses and is smaller than a carousel. How do I know?  I had to do a little research on the difference when I went to name the design we have called the merry go round, shown above.

Our correspondence card shown has the merry go round design and is used for birth announcements, birthday parties, stationery notes and a variety of correspondence for the special child in your life.